Things to Do in Manhattan Beach, CA

By  Published Sep 22nd, 2016

The city of Manhattan Beach emanates the true essence of Southern California and if you are living in the city, or if you are paying the city a visit, the best thing you can possibly do is hit the beach. This is one of the most interesting cities in the Southern California area, as the entire area used to actually be large sand dunes, not unlike the areas of Pismo Beach, which is a few hours to the North. The dunes were leveled out in order to make a beach community, which as truly thrive since this occurred in the early 20th century.

One of the things that is most notable about this area is the fact that it is a huge area for volleyball, as many professional volleyball players reside in the area. This is mostly due to the fact that the beaches are absolutely massive, again, based on the fact that there used to be sand dunes where the city now sits. If you are a volleyball fan, this is without question the best place to head to in the Southern California area, as there are literally countless courts and a ton of experienced players to test your skills out against.

Aside from what is taking place on the beach, the other main attraction to the area is the waves in the water. There is surf in this area almost every single day of the year and because of this, there is a huge surf mentality and industry in the area. While you aren't going to find too many museums, there is a vibrant community when it comes to the arts and music and plenty of things to explore. The biggest attractions in the area are without question the parks and beaches, so if you are visiting the Manhattan Beach area, the best thing you can possibly do is either take a walk out on the beach or hop in the ocean. The vibe and mentality in the air here is great and the people tend to be friendly, so this is a very fun place to live or visit!