Annual Events in Manhattan Beach, CA

By Frank L.  Published Sep 22nd, 2016

On the west coast of California is Manhattan Beach. And if you're current visiting or residing in this city, you know that is has a lot to offer. However, it can be a challenge to discover what exactly is going on in terms of annual or seasonal events, parties, or special festivals. But with this guide, you'll have all the info you need to have a great time.

Junior Golf Day
This celebration features young golfers competing for the ultimate prize in their division. And these aren't the amateur competitions of yesteryear. Golf has evolved as a game and these young athletes have more up their sleeve than it first appears.

Earth Day
Manhattan Beach is known for its appreciation of nature. For that reason, they hold a special annual occasion on Earth Day featuring eco-friendly apparel that you can purchase from local artisans, as well as multiple food options including gluten-free and vegan.

Family Campout
In May, there is a large campout gathering that is always a crowd pleaser. You are supposed to bring your own tent and snacks, but if you forget there's no fretting. There is typically a vendor or few who will happily hook you up with the camp gear and necessities you need to enjoy the day with your friends and family. Bring a jacket, as it can get cold in the evenings, even in California.

Fishing Derby
Some people need an action sport to really enjoy their time near the water. If that is you, then you're in luck. The fishing derby is designed to bring the Parks and Rec department together with regular citizens to promote responsible fishing. Some of the biggest catches of the year happen during this seasonal occasion, so come early and stay late if you want your shot at a trophy.

When you want to party, Manhattan Beach is a great place to be. But that's not all that it offers. You can choose more intelligent endeavors, indulge in delicious eats, or explore the great outdoors to your fancy. Just remember, there' always another event around the corner, so don't feel pressured to do it all in one day.